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  • Let’s see if being a YouTube dad has paid off.
    WeeklyChris quizzes his pops on modern slang! (x)

    CLOTHING SWAP! Make sure you check out the Debate Your Fate results video! What did you guys think about marriage equality?

    Sean Klitzner really strips down his barriers in this episode of Guessin’ the Impression with Brock Baker! (x)

    A dog licks peanut butter off of Maxnosleeves so yeah, you definitely want to watch this video. (x)


    Check out Brock Baker’s newest Guessin the Impression with Bree Essrig! (x)

    Which of these sexy food “facts” is actually true?

    Let us know in the comments of the video which one you think is correct! (x)

    You don’t want to miss yesterday’s debate based on THIS dance alone.

    One Direction vs. Nsync though…that’s also why you don’t want to miss this debate. (x)

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